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Tennents Vital '07

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Tennents Vital was fucking awesome this year!! Was held in Ormeau Park Belfast and the line-up was Albert Hammond Jr, The Shins, Mark Ronson, Kasabian and The Killers. Only really went to see the Killers but the other bands weren't bad, Mark Ronson was better than expected and Kasabian were good. Just before Mark Ronson came on I noticed the crowd were all starting to move forward from sitting on the grass and drinking at the bar so me and my bro Anthony quickly made our way from the bar right to the front barrier just before the crowd gathered. My friends who were with us were still getting drinks and came 5mins later and they ended up miles away lost somewhere in the thousands of people. The Killers were brilliant and the atmosphere in the crowd at the front was great, everyone was jumping and singing. I got a pint of beer and water spilled on me as all the drunks pushed their way through but was all part of the fun, didn't mind as it was one of the hottest days of the year and felt twice as hot in the middle of so many people. I took some videos and pictures which can be found

there are more videos posted on my youtube and photos on my bebo page